Evangelizing Sisters of Mary

The Missionary Congregation(Order) of the Evangelizing Sisters of Mary

 The Foundation

The Missionary Congregation of the Evangelizing Sisters of Mary (ESM) was founded in 1975 in Moroto Diocese, Uganda in East Africa by two Comboni Missionaries: Bishop Sisto Mazzoldi+ and Rev. Fr. John Marengoni+.  In addition to other three institutes, they founded the first two African Missionary Congregations: The Apostles of Jesus (AJ) and the Missionary Congregation of the Evangelizing Sisters of Mary MCESM.

The Charism, Mission and Spirituality

We were founded for the development of the missionary dimension of the Church in Africa and in the world. The Charism of our Congregation is drawn from the Spirituality of the Sacred Pierced Heart of the Crucified Jesus Christ the Good Shepherd which moves the members to go out and announce the Good News of the Risen Lord to Non-Christians, Plant the Church where is not yet planted and bring the Church to full development where it is already implanted.

The MCESM missionary activities include but not limited to pastoral, teaching, healing and social ministries. These activities are embraced in the spirit of imitation of Christ the Good Shepherd who loved and gave his life for his sheep. We are about 300 sisters serving in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan and South Africa. We are also in Tennessee, Ohio, Cuba, Italy and England.

The MCESM Mission in The ArchDiocese of Birmingham

The Missionary Congregation(Order) of the Evangelizing Sisters of Mary arrived in Birmingham Arch Diocese, Coventry Deanery, in May 2016. We were invited by Archbishop Bernard Longley having known them through the Apostles of Jesus who were already serving in the Archdiocese. The two first sisters who arrived in the parish of St. Elizabeth are Sr. Olivia Nakeyenze and Sr. Joan Naliaka.  They are both involved in pastoral activities in the parish and in the two parish Catholic schools:  St. Elizabeth primary school and Good Shephard.

Sr. Olivia Nakayenze.

I was born on 15th June in Tororo archdiocese in Uganda. At birth I was named Nakayenze which means one with curled hair, my hair is not curled any way, but I was named after my aunt of the clan. At baptism, I was given the name Olivia. I am the fourth born child of Fabiano Nangoye of happy Memory since 2009 and Rosalia Kayegi.  As I grew, I admired missionary activities that the Mill Hill Missionaries were involved in at the parish and I felt deep within me being called to give my life to Jesus by becoming a missionary to teach others about Jesus.  In discernment, I got hooked by the Charism of The Missionary Order of Evangelising Sisters of Mary which is Evangelization through Catechetical Instructions.  I joined in 1981 and made Religious vows in 1985.  Since then I have been involved in different pastoral activities in institutions, organizations and parishes in Kenya, Uganda and for some time in Kent, UK.  I enjoy my work of catechising, listening to people and praying with them and I really like listening to music, taking walks in the woods and admiring nature.  I am happy to be here and looking forward to working and sharing with you all my faith experiences, thanks for the invitation.

Sr. Joan Naliaka Wafula.

I am blessed to be the tenth of the thirteen children and was born on 20th March in Kenya, Kitale Diocese.  I am the daughter of Albert Wafula and Felister.  Naming in my culture is done according to events.  Therefore, Naliaka means spring and Wafula means rain season.  I joined the Missionary order of the Evangelizing Sisters of Mary in 1994.  I professed in 1998.  I hardly read the music notes and yet singing is my best hobby.  I like sports especially athletics, and basketball.  I enjoy team work, listening, and sharing new ideas.  Thanks for your warm welcome.


Fr. Moses Sr. Oliver and Sr Joan Fr. Moses and sisters